Evabot for Slack

Send coffee/beer as an appreciation gift to colleagues

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A delightful way to reward your team with real coffee gifts within Slack (live in SF Bay Area). It's as simple as saying- "send a coffee gift to @kevin" and it's done. Evabot then chats with @kevin to get their coffee preferences and then sends a human Happiness Agent who delivers the gift with a hand written card and some chocolates, along with the gift.
When will this be available wider? Like in the UK? :)
@rayhanrafiq hopefully soon :)
Hehe, this is so cool. Maybe we can collaborate together. For example:
@rotemthegolfer sounds cool :D let me know how. thanks
@rgupta29 contact me at rotem@guggy.com and I'll provide you with an API key. You can read about the integration process here http://docs.guggy.com All you need to do in your bot is to send us the text and you'll get a whimsy GIF back ☺
Thanks @kwdinc for hunting Evabot for Slack. Teams in SF/Bay Area can use Evabot to help teams send cool things like coffee and beer as appreciation gifts. This is a great way to build a better collaborative culture and to celebrate small achievements within teams. For example, someone fixed a major bug. Appreciating her now is as simple as saying send @username a :coffee: for fixing that nasty :bug: PRODUCT HUNT special- Anyone who adds Evabot to their Slack team this week will get a free coffee gift from EVA :-) So don't wait ;-)
I have been using this for almost 4 months now. Fantastic service. Basically i dont have to worry about gift selection . Easy !