The email validation service for your web platforms

#3 Product of the DayJune 15, 2019
Eva is a pay-as-you-go email validation service to keep your web platforms free from fake or disposable email accounts. It provides the most common CMS plugin integrations, methods to directy connect to its API for custom development, and an easy to use online file validation option.
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I am confused what are you validating? email string format? Can't find any clear info on your site.
@prakis Yes you are right. We will be updating our site with more detailed information about the "Validation" behind the scenes. Will post a link to that info as soon as we can get around to doing it. Thank you.
Email validation is a saturated space. What makes you different? The website says almost nothing about the validation itself, technology, benchmarking.
@johnbhiggins Our focus is on making this kind of validation as easy and as transparent as possible. We work towards this objective by (1) providing "1-click" integrations for our client's platforms, (2) being clear about how and when you are charged for the service and not double charge you for repeated validations (3) having a "minimal required information" philosophy where we store the least possible information from our clients. This includes the emails we are asked to validate: we don't store them. More detailed info about the "Validation" itself will be submited soon. Thanks.
Great job!!😊 Will check it out. Can this be used apart from integration
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Yes you can also directly call the API if you are custom developing and not using any of the mentioned CMS platforms. Info on how-to is on the website. You can also use online validation, upload a file containing your email list and we will process it for you. In all cases you will have to create an account, to use the online validator or generate API keys for your implementation.