Enter your Brand color and get beautiful color combination generated by AI. The unique color system simplifies pallets creation making it fun to choose a stunning color scheme for your next product. Easy export included. It’s completely free.
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Really liking the work that the Akveo team are putting out right now, this latest product is a super simple way to generate a complementary colour palette. If you're looking for inspiration or just want to try something new, I'd definitely recommend it. Great work and congrats @nick_kuznetsov2, @wiki_romanowska, @vladimir_lugovsky and @_nixa_ on the launch!
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Would be great to add export options. Postcss variables for example: --primary100 : #EDFEE8; --primary200 : #D8FED2; ... and so on


Super simple, beautiful and accurate. Just love it.


Can't export the colors as a css stylesheet or just plain text.

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Thank you! We will take your cons into account at next versions of Eva colors =)
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Hello hunters and thank you @de once again for posting about our product! This is a color generation tool that can help you create a semantic color palette based on your primary color. Internally, it is a GAN trained on a large dataset of colors found across the internet and structured using heuristics. The color generator can be used to adjust the Eva Design System (and any other design system actually) to match your brand. Using it you can quickly create your own Eva-based design system that includes design assets, mobile and web frameworks! Feel free to let us know what else can be useful in such tool!
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Looks like a fine simple tool, but don't you all think its time to stop calling everything thats just a tiny bit smart "AI powered"? Hard to see the great case for neural networks and real AI for a color generator, then Photoshop anno 1998 would be one hell of an AI casestory.
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@boetter Thanks for the feedback. I agree it's not that smart to be called AI 🙂. Changed it to Deep Learning, I hope it sounds better now.
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@boetter Couldn't agree more with you. I'm working on a tool that falls under the "cognition umbrella", and I feel reluctant to even use the term "AI", given how abused it's become. @vladimir_lugovsky Neat tool btw.
This is awesome! I was looking for exactly this. Extra love for 100,200,300,... shades :) :)
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@ipgregor We're happy to help!
@vladimir_lugovsky Would it be possible to also check for WCAG 2.0 contrast compatibility?
@ipgregor could you please specify some more details? We are aware of this spec, but before we start thinking about some solution it would be great to make sure that we don't misunderstand anything