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I have been spoiled by Eva. Using it for last couple of months and totally addicted to it. It's the most simple way of gifting. Probably have used 20+ times now. mazing service !
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@haseeb yes you have been a super active user. Glad it's working out well for you :)
Hi @chrismessina, thanks for hunting Eva and also being one of the early users to receive a gift via bot. Eva helps you stand out while saying "thanks", "congrats", "sorry", "Can we work together?", "Want swag?" etc through a smart bot which simplifies gifting. No need to know the address, delivery and micro preferences while sending gifts, Eva does it for you. Eva also gets smarter with every conversation and enables easier gifting every time a gift is sent and received. But the real magic happens when one of our 'Happiness Agents' actual show up with the gift, takes a 'happy' picture and sends it back to the Gifter. Just cc eva@vizzi.io in any email conversation and mention the type of gift you want to send "Coffee", "Beer" or "Wine". Our users totally LOVE us when a real Happiness Agent comes with the gift. But hold on, we are soon launching "Books" and company Swags which you can send along with our existing gifts. Shoot me with any questions you guys have. For now you can only send gifts to your friends in San Francisco and Bay area.
Eva, the personal gifting assistant bot, is very useful & automates some of the redundant conversations in my life related to gifting (exactly as a bot that manages gifting should!)
@alishaoutridge thanks for giving Eva a try!
Awesome service! Very well executed at this early stage; can't wait for Eva to be available across the US and the whole world. Been using it in the bay area, and I get a lot of love with my gifts :-) now. Couldn't have been more convenient and easy to use. Keep up the good work.
@suniltom thanks for your encouraging words :)
I have used Eva too - in fact just used it yday - it's simple - takes mins and is cool πŸ˜„ try it
@rish_says awesome. And hope you will enjoy your Wine ;)
@rgupta29 Till date I have enjoyed gifting wine and philz coffee :) and receiving beers and now wine. Can't wait till you add more stuff.
@rish_says Books and company swag is next =)