EV Cure

Easily compare all US EVs along the criteria you care about.

Cut down on your EV research time.
Sort and compare all Electric Vehicles sold in the US based on the criteria you care about: Longest range, lowest price, acceleration, price and efficiency.
Also get on relevant details on each electric cars.
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Exactly what I was looking for earlier today. Well done
I think this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!
Hi everybody, I created this website because I could not find an EV site that would compare the different EVs on the US market based on criteria I cared about. Yes there are alot of EV sites but they are mostly focused on news, which is great because I read them alot. But I wanted to have an EV reference people can go back to that remains there, summarizes all the EVs news that trickle everyday. This is the version 1 of the nomadlist.com for EVs. I saw some sites that would create a big spreadsheet with a bunch of information comparing different EVs but I don't think many people would like to peruse a big spreadsheet posted online. Being UX minded, I wanted something a bit more easier to digest than 1000s of data points in a grid. I also found that Car Manufacturer's websites are not all easy to navigate get to what you really want to know. They publish a lot of marketing information (hyperbole) and also lots of specs that people don't really care about. Clicking on a card in EVcure, shows you what I think is the basic information people want to know about EVs. This is something I created for myself and find useful and hope it will be useful to some other people. Comments are welcome! Thanks and God bless