Europe Remotely

Remote jobs for developers living in Europe

Europe Remotely is a job board with a curated list of remote jobs that are available to developers living in Europe.

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Oh no, yet another remote jobs board! The majority of the remote jobs posted on regular job boards are intended only for US citizens or people who are willing to work during US business hours. Europe Remotely is manually curated and contains only jobs from companies that are happy to work with developers in European time zones. I've built this a year ago, out of my own frustration while looking for a job. I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm here for any questions.
@fdefar is this a job board (where companies pay u to put the job offers) or a job aggregator (that u put the job offers u get by crawling the web)?
@dvpita Good question :) Majority of the current jobs are (obviously) aggregated from other sites, simply because I don't get enough requests to post the jobs. Hopefully, as popularity grows it will transition into a full featured job board.
@fdefar ok. I just ask cause I've been having some issues with some aggregators that say the offers are remote when they actually aren't. Need to be really careful now.
@dvpita That's why I do curation manually. There's still room for mistake, but it should be much better than standard websites that just aggregate feeds.
I hope you keep it and push the limits. What I am interested in implementing is an aggregator much improved development and implementation that will depend on crawling + actual manual heavy curation ( governing + tweaked algorithm to ensure the results are relevant and acceptable taking standards like time of post and the like. I see a need for refinement of results. Everybody looks for a job. The seeker should be able to have a smooth way to autotune by selecting from categories and options that are clear. I think there is a place for improvement in the job market services. They fail to follow search trends and that makes job hunting so tedious. Let's hope you will add more categories!
For developers only? How about adding digital marketing and other IT related positions? Anyway, wish you all the luck! :)
@paul_shuteyev It is planned for the future, but I just wanted to stick to things I'm familiar with for now :) Thanks!
@fdefar Your efforts are much appreciated! I'm from Europe and I was craving for something like what you built! Did you manage to get a remote job in Europe until now?
@rautaalin I ended up working remotely for Toptal core team (I previously used their platform). There's a lot of people from Europe and Russia in the dev team here.
@fdefar Any new positions that needs to be filled in?
@rautaalin Toptal is one of those 'always hiring' companies :)
@fdefar I will fill in my profile details and then I will get a call with one of your colleagues or it depends on my profile details if I get called or not?
@fdefar btw, I followed you on Twitter, so we can take this discussion there. What do you say? 😊
As an European developer I love it. Great work! Thank you 😍