Breakout growth creates breakout opportunities. We spent countless hours of research, looked into thousands of tech startups and selected 16 breakout companies you should consider, so you can find the job you deserve.

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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ SeedTable is a newsletter for founders, senior employees and VCs, covering the European startup and tech scene. As part of that effort and inspired by Breakout List ( we decided to hand-pick a list of great high-impact, high-growth startups to work on. Check out the list and you'll find some cool companies to look further into.
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consider adding a "Remote" filter ;) i'd love to see more Americans working for EU companies vs just the other way around, but might require that attribute. moving families is hard.
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@ryanckulp this is the third time someone suggests a "Remote" filter. I think it's time to add it. One thing though - American companies usually pay better than European companies, so Europeans working for USA cos. works, but not the other way round (particularly in big cities, no EU co. will pay $150k for a developer.)
@ryanckulp @gonsanchezs Bigger paycheck != Better quality of life
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Nice idea, I just subscribed!
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@frankdilo thanks πŸ’ͺ
Really clean UI! Any plans to add a search function to navigate filters?