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At Etsy, we're trying to reimagine commerce to create a more lasting world, and one important component of that is helping makers connect with responsible manufacturing partners. For the first time ever we are welcoming manufacturers into our member community. Etsy sellers can now search for, and be matched with, manufacturers on Etsy in four industries: printing, apparel and textile, machining and fabrication, and jewelry and metalwork. See our NYTimes piece:
@jasonshen personally, one of the main reasons I shop at Etsy is because I love the idea of hand-crafted, small batch products that I can buy to support individuals pursuing their hobbies of making beautiful things. Do you think introducing manufacturing to the mix takes away part of that quality / support to your individual Etsy store owners, or will the success and aid provided by manufacturing partners eclipse the negatives?
@katesegrin We're definitely aware of the fact that introducing manufacturers brings a new dimension to our marketplace, which many people think of as a place where hobbyists craft cool things by hand. The truth is, we have always been focused on helping makers focus on their craft and what they do best, which sometimes isn't laser cutting or 3D printing or machining. If anything, this process empowers sellers to have a closer hand in what they create. The store mentioned in the NYTimes article is a great example: Molly lists the members of her team and the manufacturing partners she works with. And it is truly a collaboration - here's what she says about an embroidery shop she works with: "They digitize my drawings and embroider them on my fabric, which I then hand-cut into shape before the garments are assembled." Manufacturing partners are declared in the About section of a shop so you can evaluate their process before you choose to buy. There will always be a place for the hobbyist knitting scarves on a quiet evening, and now Etsy also has room for the ambitious maker who wants to take their work further, while maintaining authorship, being transparent, and being responsible with their work.
Seems to be in competition somewhat with MakersRow, who interestingly started with the reverse strategy (list the factories, then open the Made in America store). Obviously in beta you're only open to people with an existing etsy store, but is the long term plan to offer the contact information for free? What's the planned business/monetisation model?
@jasonshen please contact me to discuss partnership. We'd love to join. Lots to talk about.
Two questions: I run an Etsy shop where I help my grandfather sell his art. Would it be possible to update the Stats page so that one can see what search/browse led to sales? I'd find this super helpful data. Also, I know many Etsy sellers are upset seeing others selling items you can easily find on Alibaba. Will Etsy be cracking down on less responsibly manufactured items while rolling this out?