A beautiful innovation in wine preservation.

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The idea for eto came about because we found we were opening several bottles white, red & rose but not finishing them on the same day. When we came back to them they tasted vinegary despite trying out the storage devices on the market. So after a bit of research we came across the method of decanting into a smaller vessel so no wine was in contact with the air. Getting an old water bottle filling it wine & squeezing it until there is no air - is messy & not really what having 'a relaxing glass of wine' is about! So Tom the (Welsh) product designer set about creating eto: a beautiful innovation in wine preservation, ensuring you never waste a drop of wine again. Further research over the years has shown in the UK alone we pour 50 million litres of wine down the drain which equates to £270 million (WRAP Government study) - in a time where food & drink are getting more expensive!
I love wine and Welsh makers.... I rarely don't finish a bottle though so not sure how much use I'd get out of this. Maybe this could be for me to start weekday drinking 🤔 cc @jacqvon
@bentossell Haha! I'm thinking of it the other way. It will help me justify not finishing the bottle. I've definitely been guilty in the past of thinking "well, there's only one or two glasses left, so I may as well....."
@neilcocker ha oh that situation DOES sound familiar
Brilliant idea! Looks amazing too
@kristofertm thank you for the kind words. Iechyd da!
Absolutely love this idea. I often leave a bottle for an extra day and when I come back, it's just not as good, no matter how fancy the wine stoppers I use. Definitely will contribute to this campaign.
@margotcodes that's exactly the problem we came across & have now solved with eto! Thank you for supporting us & Iechyd da!
Thanks you all for your kind comments - It’s been a lot of hard work, and so it’s really great getting positive feedback:)