The first Ethereum only online store

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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out ethstall! I created ethstall because I couldn't find any place online where I could spend my ether on physical products and figured it's the best time as any to create one.
Just a suggestion, since you can only spend Ether you should at least put the Ether price next to the USD price.
@zebmccorkle Definitely a good suggestion, I'm actually working on a solution that will do that to the prices.
Oh wow! Let me know how that one goes :D
This is actually an amazing start to spend Ether on products/services!! I like the idea of this and looking forward to seeing where it goes! :)
@itsmidnightyo Thanks I'm glad you like it :) We're looking to increase the number of products over the next few weeks.
Nice little e-shop! Just had a quick Google search and noticed there are really not many stores yet, especially ETH only. I hope you gain some traction due to being one of the first👍