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Love this
A lot like Cymbal - https://www.producthunt.com/tech.... What sets it apart?
@gmgrimley Hi Gabe, Thanks for your comment. Few differences: 1) Our focus is on collaborative listening. One person can “broadcast” their playlist and their followers can listen in. In real time. Could be a small group of friends, or a big time influencer — our sweet spot is the “one to many” experience. 2) If one misses the live broadcast, users can access the playlist after the fact in the “Recent Playlists" section of our live feed. Seems like Cymbal focuses on track by track posting, liking and commenting, whereas we believe the entire playlist is important to the consumption experience. 3) We are completely independent from all streaming services. All music comes directly from our own library, not Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music etc. Every stream is pulled from our API. Our catalogue is about 15 million tracks and growing. Cheers, Alex
@alex_patrick Awesome! Thanks for the thorough answer. So if you're pulling from your own library, is there compensation for the artists?
@gmgrimley Yes, absolutely.
Super cool concept and can't wait to see how the product evolves! Congrats Alex!