Ethnamed is chrome plugin - cold wallet for btc, ltc, dash, eth. Allows to bind email address with crypto addresses. Extends web3 protocol to btc, ltc, dash, eth for developers.

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Cryptocurrency website does not have valid SSL certificate. humm...
@nucro Thank for feedback. Will fix it right now
@nucro Fixed this issue. The website was created long time ago. That's why I forgot about it
@nucro Bitcoin does not use SSL between nodes. Instead of that they use elliptic curves.
@flyber still unsecure bro.
sorry to be negative. im sure you've got a cool product but can't really make sense of anything from the website.
@140_canvas That's ok to be negative because negative feedback brings the most valuable information. I agree with you. The concept was created half year ago and the final product was adjusted by the community. We will create several articles to show the sense of this wallet and also we will make some videos.
If I have to struggle saying "Ethnamed", I can't imagine the struggle to actually use it. To be fair, the concept is good, I just wish the UX was a little less cloudy. Going to follow along and hope for the best, as I've been looking for a product like this (one that will actually get some "everyday use").
@jimmyamash Jimmy. Thank you for your feedback. We will think more about UX. I agree it should be a simple as possible.






What did you write? I am not clear.
還沒使用? then why are you commenting?!!