Decentralized P2P marketplace to borrow against BTC, ETH

ETHLend is the first decentralized peer to peer lending marketplace for crypto backed loans

It allows crypto holders to borrow money against the major crypto assets including ETH, BTC and DAI and several ERC-20 tokens.

The application comes with an in-app wallet, removing the need to install third parties app.

  • Jun Gong
    Jun Gong🐱 herder & blockchain 😻

    Good product, nice UX, and that newly added bitcoin lending option looks like a smart move! Plus, no fee :)


    Add more major tokens, please!

    Crypto lending is not a new concept, but ETHLend just makes it easier and more accessible to everyone.

    Jun Gong has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    The app is completely decentralized, you are in possession of your own keys. UX has been improved a lot and will improve further over time


    there are many improvements on various different aspects that can be done

    the latest release is the milestone on which the whole infrastructure will be built

    Emilio Frangella has used this product for one year.
Hi all, Makers here, thanks for the reviews. The way we are looking into into improve our product is to add additional support for different cryptocurrencies, introduce third party liquidators, who will initiate the collateral call behalf of the lender and provide the funds to to the lender. This way the lender can focus on funding loans and third parties are taking care of liquidating the collateral in case if the borrower does not manage the collateral. Additionally, we are looking to improve the user experience as much as possible, if you have any suggestions would be happy to hear :)
It's very interesting and helpful to investors by enabling investors to borrow and also expanded their crypto business. Kudos to Ethlend.
@saviour_eshiet Hi Saviour Esgiet, thank you for your support :) Our goal is to make decentralized blockchain application easier to use and expand the usage to the mainstream cryptocurrency users. Also ETHLend is something that is called "decentralized finance" movement, which aims to create finance without a centralized party.