Accept Ethereum on your site in minutes!

Etherglade is a drop-in UI you can add to your site in less than 5 minutes to allow you to accept Ethereum with Metamask and Ledger wallet support (and more on the way)! Smart contracts are supported too!

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Hey PH! Earlier this year, I launched a parody ICO called PonziCoin (, original:, and I found that it was fairly difficult to easily accept Ethereum on a site and support all the major wallets (hardware, web, mobile) so I decided to make Etherglade. It's a drop-in UI that you should be able to add to your site in less than 5 minutes and start accepting Ethereum - it even supports smart contracts! In the future, I also hope to add features to make interacting with Ethereum and smart contracts easier for the average person. I would love any feedback, comments, or questions :) Side Note: Don't start a pyramid scheme, even if you explicitly state that it is a pyramid scheme and it's clearly a parody. It turns out a significant amount of people will still put a significant amount of money in
Great product, I expect to see more products regarding Ethereum, the future ;)
@eralpbayraktar Thanks, really appreciate the support :)
Great idea! Will this work in shopify amd other etail platforms?
@kcfaul Theres no integrations available yet, but that’s a great idea! Will definitely look into adding that to the roadmap
Hey there! Highly considering working this into our mining platform at I can't seem to find any information on your fees. Can you give a quick breakdown?
@aiominer Glad to hear that! We plan to provide all the current features for free forever for beta users :) In the future, we may introduce paid premium features such as new payment methods or analytics. Please reach out if you need any help adding Etherglade to your site, I’d love to know if there are any rough edges or if you have any suggestions! My email is contact [at]
@rishab_hegde Awesome! Just signed up! Can't wait to see where you take this!
Epic! If this can keep expanding to have smart contract functionality as well, it could be really helpful for adoption. I'll be looking into how we could integrate this into our product.