👋Hey PH,

Quick Disclaimer: If you would like to Shorten a URL you will need Metamask chrome extension and some free test ethers.

However, you can use already shortened urls on any browser or device.

For example https://0x.now.sh/s?id=23

🙏Happy to answer any questions about the product or blockchain in general.

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This is great, I remember someone on Twitter complaining that Bit.ly were censoring Blockchain related links. I have also featured this on Steemhunt @sauravtom https://steemhunt.com/@ogochukwu...
@ogochukwu @that_ogochukwu apart from links related to blockchain, what would be other motivation for a user to use this over bitly? Just curious to know.
@ogochukwu @that_ogochukwu Thanks for your post
Apologies but I do not have technical knowledge related to blockchain, well some I have, but not very deep knowledge. Could you explain your product a bit in brief. 1. Does the link that I want to shorten get saved on a blockchain? If yes, what is the need to save a link on blockchain? Is it security or something else? 2. Is the 0.0005 ETH a transaction cost or is it your sort of mining fee? 3. How is it any different from bitly and other URL shortening services? Thank you!
@siddharth_mungekar1 Sure 1. Only the URL you want shortened gets stored on the Blockchain, the reference to the stored data is used to create the shortened url eg https://0x.now.sh/s?id=23 links to this page. 2. The 0.0005 ETH is the transaction fee for the transaction (carrying instruction to save the URL into the blockchain) to go through and get mined in the blockchain. 3. Your shortened URLs are stored forever in the blockchain. 😄
This is good timing considering Google is shuttering Goo.gl URL shortener. Must be an interesting alternative for larger teams and high volume customers. At the same time, customers spoilt by Goo.gl/SMM Tool free URL shortening (A lot of social media management tools also have URL shortening built in) might be hesitant to pay a transaction fee. So far it seems like a nifty little tool, but one that (on first glance) doesn't necessarily require blockchain tech which is transferring transaction cost onto the customer.
Awesome use case of Ethereum blockchain!
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