Get notifications for events on the Ethereum blockchain

Ethercast lets you set up webhook or Zapier subscriptions to events or transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ethercast notifies you when things happen on the Ethereum blockchain. You can configure any combination of filters to send notifications to a webhook. Ethercast is integrated directly with Zapier so you can create a subscription to any event or transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Does the notification play Napalm Death's 'You Suffer'?
Moody Salem
Software Engineer
Thanks for hunting us, Marion! We've been working on this project since building the first iteration at ETHDenver, and we're excited for people to try it. We are really hoping this can lower the barrier to entry for building DAPPs and utilizing smart contracts in real-time apps. Also, we hope the casual Ethereum user will find some usage as well! Please let us know if you have any feedback!
Ethercast is a great way to trigger external applications upon events emitted via Solidity dApps. Very excited to ponder ways of utilizing this tech for features within my crypto project!
whatever happened to this service?