Ether Cashlinks

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Ether Cashlinks is the easiest way for for anyone to receive Ether, just send them a link with Ether attached to it. They can redeem it without web3 enabled brwosers.



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AdamMaker@surfcoderepeat · Freedom
Hi PH! Happy to introduce my latest product, this time the goal is to help more people get into crypto 🤓 The idea came from the team, they are the first browser-based blockchain (all written in Javascript) and they are going to implement this natively, I took on the challenge to do it for Ethereum. Ether cashlinks are great to get "newbies" into crypto, you don't have to explain them how to create a wallet or download metamask, etc. Share a link with them and they can easily redeem the Ether without any web3 js enabled browsers like toshi or metamask. Ether Cashlinks are also good for mass payments and giveaways.
Dana Yang@zelas · Product Designer
@surfcoderepeat This is really interesting, I would like to know more about how the receiver "redeem" the amount?
AdamMaker@surfcoderepeat · Freedom
@zelas hi Dana, the contract is open source here
Dana Yang@zelas · Product Designer
@surfcoderepeat sorry, I meant more about the newbie's experience standpoint. I see how its sent, but what happens when I send the link to the person receiving it? Are they prompted to get metamask or walked through in some way?
AdamMaker@surfcoderepeat · Freedom
@zelas they have 2 options: "I have a wallet" or "create a new wallet" ..if they click on create new wallet they get to to create a new wallet simply..if they have a wallet they just paste in their wallet and click on "redeem Ether", they don't need web3js browser or to sign any tx or know how to because at the moment I pay for the gas cost of sending them the TX from a private wallet
AdamMaker@surfcoderepeat · Freedom
@zelas this is a sample link (with no ether) so you can see also :)