Eterneva celebrates remarkable people and pets by turning their ashes into diamonds, through a storytelling journey as special as the loved one and diamond itself.
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We are so excited to finally be launching this to the Product Hunt community! Our scientists hail from the aerospace engineering industry, and can answer any Qs about the science of the process. Everything else, the team will jump in! Thanks, y'all!
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@tracewall This is an absolutely brilliant idea!
@wmharris101 Thanks, Will!! We're trying!!
I love what Eterneva is doing to make conversations about death/dying more natural and comfortable. It's no easy feat to execute a concept like this while still being sensitive and accommodating to customers that are going through a significant transition in life.
@jyarbrough thanks John! You geeeettttt it! 🙏🏻
@jyarbrough Thanks John! The team's all committed to the same goal, and you nailed it - this is about celebrating those lives whilst being in-tune with those who've experienced a really major life event. It's an extraordinary team with an extraordinary mission to work alongside our customers and help them celebrate their extraordinary loved ones. It's an amazing thing to be part of!
What a beautiful idea
@katy_h Thanks, Katy!!
I love this concept and company! Talked with a group of girlfriends last night and one said she's going to put in her will that she wants her ashes to be turned into a diamond. Thank you for making something beautiful out of end of life!
@dahartattack Aw, thanks for spreading the word, Dani!!
Is there a minimum weight for pets? I have bunnies and this is a legitimate question 🐰🐰🐰🐰
@iconicontent haha no minimum weight, as long as you can get at least 2 tablespoons of ashes –– OR you can always use hair, too :)
@iconicontent Hi Aaron! We only need 4oz of ashes to grow a diamond! Fur also has carbon, actually more carbon than ashes, so you can always use fur in addition to or instead of ashes🤗