ETA for iMessage

Easily share your ETA in any conversation

Quickly share your estimated arrival in any conversation with ETA for iMessage

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Thanks so much for hunting us Robleh! Really excited to be on Product Hunt today! A quick bit of history - ETA has been on the App Store for a touch over 2.5 years. Since day one the focus has been to provide users a dashboard to show travel time to a bunch of their favourite locations. We’re on iPhone, in Notification Centre and on Apple Watch. Today we extend that to iMessage. All the other flavours of ETA are personal to you (ie. giving you the info). Our iMessage app flips that and lets you share your ETA in any conversation. In a collaborative manner, on receipt of an ETA, a friend can simply tap to reply with theirs. We think this is a great use case. As someone that that’s always running late I appreciate the ability to send my ‘real’ ETA than a vague ‘I’m 5 mins away’! :) Happy to answer any questions/feedback/comments!
@anthonyharrison Am liking the idea! Are the locations preset? How does it calculate distance between where you are located and where you need to get to say where your friend is waiting?
@ankit_t_ "To calculate travel time ETA requires Apple Maps support for driving directions in your country. Please check the following list to ensure ETA will work in your area:"
@anthonyharrison would love to see you add support for Uber! If a user connects their Uber account to this, then you could add a "Follow my Uber trip" option — either in real-time, with a map, or simply as an ETA.
@ankit_t_ Hi Ankit. You add all your favourite locations in the app (ie. your home, work, favourite cafe, friends/family house etc.). We do provide some recommendations during the on boarding process to help you out too. Distance and travel time is based off Apple data.
@chrismessina Hey Chris. We've had some conversations with Uber on integration into our main ETA app at the end of last year/early this year. We're definitely keen to add in the functionality to compare with the travel options (and also book a ride). As we also support transit we could show users the trip duration across multiple forms of transport (car, Uber, transit, foot and bike) and let them choose the best option. This sort of feature would be great in big cities such as NYC.
I'm going to try this because I hate explaining myself - ESPECIALLY when I'm rushing to a thing. "OMW" doesn't suffice on either side. @whatsmyeta @robjama
@elizabethhunker Thanks Elizabeth. Added to that a feature currently in development is calendar integration. Once that's in place ETA could be an even more powerful tool for you! :)
@anthonyharrison does the ETA update in real time in iMessage?
@andersmoore Hi Andre. It doesn't update in realtime but you easily tap on your ETA in the conversation and resend. The old one will collapse and be replaced with the updated version.
Would be good if it can be accessed through siri as I imagine I'd need to do this most when driving.
@haoyangnz Hi Haoyang. We've integrated the iOS app with Siri (give it a spin by saying 'Take me here' on a location detail screen. Direction in Maps fire up with route plotted). Definitely looking to increase this where we can (and where Apple provide access).
@anthonyharrison would be good if Apple provided API so we can say "Siri, message bob my ETA to the Rainbow cafe."
I used to love "Twist" in the AppStore and one day it disappeared and there has been no replacement. Your app seems like it may just be the long lost golden ticket !! #thankyou
@hgottfried Awesome Hal! Let me know if you have any questions!