ETA - Executive Travel App

Plan and book your next business trip in 5 minutes.

Your important meetings will be automatically imported from your calendar to create full personalized itineraries based on your preferences. Find an aisle seat, premium economy, on time flight and hotel within walking distance to your meeting. Book the entire trip with a single tap. See your entire journey all in one place.

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ETA automatically suggest travel plan options (uber rides, flights, hotels, etc) for you based on your calendar meetings. The team listens to feedback and adds improvement really fast. I have been really impressed on how the app keeps getting better and better.
@djiaomei Thanks, Mei! Appreciate all the constructive feedback that's made the app much more useful for frequent business travelers like you. Hello Product Hunters, co-founder here. We built ETA to make business travel suck less so that you can focus on the purpose of your trip, be it building a relationship or a sales presentation. In this day and age, it shouldn't be that difficult to book a business trip. We believe that machines can do a better job finding the perfect flight, hotel, and everything in between to get you to there and back, optimized for comfort, convenience, and budget. Book all of it with 1 tap. Just mention that you discovered the app on Product Hunt and it will be free for you until the end of the year. Any feedback is welcome!
@madebyues that is an unfortunate coincidence. We are in no way related to that group.
@madebyues the common usage of ETA as Estimated Time of Arrival is surely what 9.9 people out of 10 will think of when they see this app. Then again, maybe a separatist group from Spain with 50 members free and 300 members in jail has much broader influence than I’m giving it credit for.
@andym_dc yeah that’s true. It just was the first thing that came to my mind as an European. Add 829 victims to those numbers and you can easily comprehend how big of a deal it is.