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iBeacons just got smaller

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Thanks Roy + community. We're really trying to create something beautiful and production-worthy while also being developer focused :)
@stevecheney so exciting. the future you've envisioned from your earlier post re. local commerce ( looks like it's becoming a reality!
@stevecheney I love those stickers, but I have heard bad things about your other product "Beacons" in terms of delivery, are the production issues sorted out? What about batteries? are they changeable? Thanks!
@daveambrose Thanks for all the support Dave. We're super excited about nearables and the sight metaphor is this vision coming to life in a hardware product - it feels crazy actually.
@raulriera Thanks for the questions. A year ago when we began shipping we strived to get a beacon in the hands of devs to prototype and test. We've come along way since then actually - those original beacons are in full production and working well in installations around the world - what most people don't know however is we've revved the beacon under the hood several times, not just in firmware but in hardware. So those beacons have a 70% bigger battery inside. They now last over 3 years at their default shipped settings. And though delivery was challenging for us last Fall at launch, we've been on mostly 3-7 day lead-time from order placed to shipped since then. They are FCC approved and approved all around the world. We don't believe the batteries should be swapped out - instead we've introduced things like Power Modes to make BLE stack optimizations that extend battery life by 50% or more. More on our blog here: If you need anything or more info email me at any time.
@stevecheney Awesome man! good job
@stevecheny can you talk about where you see yourselves in the space? @jason has been championing and writing about (and investing in) beacons
@eriktorenberg we stand on two likes of the stool so to speak: 1) support the developer market a lot like Stripe does or Twilio does. Rapid support, best in class tools, APIs as outputs etc. 2) support large brands and customers. In the announcement of Nearables we announced some beta partners and that we're working with companies like Cisco. So we're also supporting large scale rollouts etc. But by being developer focused we can iterate faster and help the entire beacon / sensor space evolve faster. That is our strategy so to speak. @jason put a great conference on focusing on beacons recently and we're happy smart investors like him are bullish on the space. At the end of the day we're creating a platform, and beacons are a two sided platform, not just an API. You have the beacons and the physical space that needs to change and you have the app requirement. So we're excited that people are investing and we believe at the end of the day there will be one main winner at the platform level. We want that to be us, and by providing APIs for other folks (e.g. if someone want to build a beacon CMS) we can help make other startups in this space money as killer apps and services for the beacon space emerge. We're pretty open about things. Hope that helps.