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Estimo is chatbot that will help you get cost estimation of the development process of your awesome mobile app and its functionalities. He estimates the approximate price of the app according to industry’s average price standards and your personal feature preferences.

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Hey everyone. Today we are launching Estimo, the Chatbot that will help you get cost estimation for the next mobile app you want to build. I am Nino Karas, the co-founder of CodeWell, an award-winning company that offers IT solutions and services for clients around the globe (the company that stands behind Letz, the Chatbot of the year on Product Hunt in 2016). Working on more than 100 projects in the past 7 years for Fortune 500 companies, we often got requests about the cost of an Android and iOS mobile app development process. In honor of our 7 years anniversary, we are launching Estimo, the chatbot that will give you approximate cost estimation of the mobile app development process. Estimo will discuss your preferences and walk you through the simplified process of mobile app cost calculation, in order to give you a rough estimate based on industry average prices. We hope that Estimo will help many entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and startup guys with their future projects that include building a mobile app. We are looking forward on your feedback.
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@karas This seems like a super useful app for startup entrepreneurs, product managers, and tech enthusiasts. I'm wondering how you approximate costs on a global scale? Do you account for the varying costs based on your locality? Where do you find the industry averages or how does your app calculate them? Is it done in real time?
@joshuasimenhoff Hey Josh, I'm really glad you like the product. This is a really good question. We calculate the industry averages done with prior research, which is currently not in real time. Though making that in real time seems like logical next step for the product. As of the moment, we take into account agency prices from different regions of the world. We are looking to implement a feature which will allow you to preselect with which kind of developers you want to work (agency, freelancers, consultants.), but this also raises the question of a risk factor, delivery times and scaling.
Great work guys! I love the structured methodical approach you took in providing a cost estimate. This covers anything I could think of about what would a client need in a mobile app, but most of all, I love the open approach you take. When I got to the end of my chat with Tim I was pleasantly surprised that you also provide your users with free 30min consultation, which is awesome!!! Cheers
Simple, user friendly, helpful chatbot. It is very helpful that you get to see a quick estimate of your idea and it gives you a real opportunity to make this idea come true. It covers lots of areas for developing an app. The thing that I like the most is that if you don't have a really clear idea for an app, it helps you clarify things in order to have a better product in the end.


Relevant and structured cost estimation


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