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Hello Product Hunters, I am Feruz, founder and lead developer of eSteem. We started eSteem with a vision to reward content creators and give back value to users of social media. Promoting freedom and free speech where every voice matters. And your content is your value, your attention in this economy is valuable and yours. To that end, we are using cryptocurrency and platform with censorship resistance and proper economic model. Our team has grown from one person to whole community and we would love for you to give us a try and let us know what you think about eSteem.
I think it's admirable that you are creating a censorship free place. But it makes me worried that there appears to be no harassment policy for users who act and post in bad faith. I don't want to sign up for another community that doesn't manage their community with clear cut rules.
@holdenthepage Thank you for your comment! Censorship and free speech is for everyone! Every user has a voice, if you don't like any post or user, you can downvote their content or mute user to avoid their harassments. We are constantly working on to improve features and product. Soon you will be able to moderate and create communities... Please feel free to reach out, leave a feedback, suggestions to
I think this is a cool idea, are you planning to develop a web interface for it though? Lol this is just a lover of webservices asking.
@webgurl Thank you, in fact, we have webservices coming soon. Though our main focus for now to provide better user experience for mobile users and desktop users via stand-alone app. eSteem will further expand to webservices in near future, so stay tuned :)
I am really in love with this app. It gives handy real time mobile push notifications and some useful features like post scheduling, bookmarks and activity center where you can check and interact with any actions happened with your account like votes, comments, replies, reblogs, wallet transactions etc.
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