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I am a big fan of this app; it's easy to use, and an excellent draw for area agents. I would love to be an affiliated agent and have a lender who would be interested as well; however I have not heard back regarding access in Austin. What does a big supporter/real estate agent have to do to become an Estately supported agent?? Thank you & it is a wonderful app!
I had to borrow an iphone to try this out (yeah, android guy). Totally worth it. Beautiful and useful.
We worked hard to make this the quintessential real estate app. 30 day retention is over 25%, user feedback is overwhelmingly positive. AMA.
I've been using this for the last month and it has been *waaaaay* more useful and fun to use than the other house-hunting apps out there. Getting push notifications for updated listings, walk score, and a thousand tiny details.
Everything but the House uses false advertising on its website. Does not disclose the true nature of the way this company works. I had even called and had them explain to me how it worked. The whole 40/60 split thing, NEVER mentioning anything about having to have my things reviewed, or that there was a DISTANCE factor. I have purchased many things from them, had them shipped, and also picked them up at the Woburn facility. BUT, when it came time for me to utilized them to "sell" my things, it's a whole different story. They send someone to your home and they review what you have to sell, and then let you know "if" they will take them. If they don't think you have "enough" things, or your things are not "valuable" according they standards, then the CHARGE you a fee. In my case, I live in NH, and "I was too far for them to go". Also it was to "costly" for them to pick up. The fee they were going to charge me was $1400.00. This would come off the total of my sales for the auction. SO DISAPPOINTED and incredibly angry about the whole process. JUST might want to look into this a little further before entering into any kind of an agreement with them. This is the last time I will do business with a company that has such a deceitful business practice!!!!