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@woodylevin how did you transition from the gambling world to online storage?
@liveink you know I have always been starting companies and this really seemed like the next logical step in my maturation as an entrepreneur. Gaming / Gambling was great but my own personal experiences with the loss of my Grandma planted the seed for Estate Assist years ago. We all need a better, more curated way to store our important life information. How do you store yours now?
@woodylevin amazing story and agree. it's a mix of gdrive and dropbox right now
Hi Woody here from Estate Assist. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, and would love for you to try us out. Everyone gets 30 days free... We are super excited about what we have built. We hope to be solve a real problem in terms of financial and digital asset protection, and helping people feel better about their futures.
Love this vision. Providing a digital location to centralize and organize this information will create massive value for users. You shouldn't need an expensive estate lawyer to properly organize a loved one's assets.
@jmover Thanks Justin! Estate Assist is really something we think is relevant for everyone. Not only when you pass but as a resource to keep you organized and up to date throughout your life.
Estate Assist is giving the first 100 Product Hunters a Free Estate Assist Safe for Life:
@woodylevin awesome thanks! just signed up
@woodylevin is a really great entrepreneur. As more of our most important assets exist in digital only form, Estate Assist will be a really important tool in estate planning and management. Great idea, great entrepreneur.