Essential Goods

Know immediately when an essential you need is back in stock

The essentials you need
1. Enter your phone number and a product that is out of stock
2. Receive a SMS text message when it is back in stock
***FREE*** for healthcare workers and senior citizens with 5% of any profits donated to our local hospital foundation
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Hey ProductHunt, sharing our first project on ProductHunt and looking forward to feedback. In March when we reviewed with the team what COVID-19 created problem we were uniquely positioned to solve Conor, the developer and main maker of this project, identified inventory back in stock SMS text alerts for essential goods. **** HOW IT WORKS **** An item you need is out of stock You might signup for email alerts but due to the lag from restock to email by the time you see the email it is out of stock again. You signup for and either select from the pre-screened products or enter your own essential item. monitors the products you selected 24x7 and alerts you via SMS text message when the product is back in stock with a link to the product for you to then go and purchase. **** BENEFITS **** Get notified IMMEDIATELY when a product is back in stock with 24x7 monitoring. Email alerts provided by online retailers are not sent immediately. Avoid fraudulent low-quality products - for the most sought after products (masks, hand sanitizers etc) we have identified the product listings that meet the buying criteria for various goods. **** HOW IT GIVES BACK **** It is very important for us to offer this service to help reduce the stress for those most at risk. For this reason, we are giving back in the following ways... FREE for medical professionals FREE for senior citizens 5% of any profit is donated to our local Hospital Foundations Collingwood Hospital Foundation ( and the CDC Foundation. **** HOW TO TEST **** Currently, for the ProductHunt community, we have a 7-day free trial live on the site. **** SOME INITIAL MEDIA COVERAGE **** We were fortunate to get covered on a national morning show in Canada - We are trying to balance getting this solution out to the world as quickly as possible to help people with a smooth user onboarding experience. Happy to hear feedback from this community to help us improve.
What a good option you bring us here with this proposal, it is very good, it really will be a success these days where online communications are an important need.
@devin_convay Thanks Devin, people are definitely appreciating the ability to use it.
Excellent. Many times i came across this issue and wanted a solution to notify when items are back in stock. Great product.
How much does it cost after the free trial? I can't find anything about pricing on the website. EDIT: Disregard. Finally found it in the Terms and Conditions. "You will be charged $3.99/month recurring after the 2 day free trial period is up. You can cancel at any time."
@bluesquares I hate it when companies hide their pricing until you've signed up. This makes me glad that I've not been able to sign up yet as I don't need it that much right now.