Essential JS 2

60+ stunning, feature-rich JavaScript UI controls

The Syncfusion Essential JS 2 - JavaScript UI controls library is the only suite you will ever need to build an application, featuring 60+ high-performance, lightweight, and modular UI components. It supports the Angular, Vue, React, and Blazor frameworks.
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Suresh Mohan
Product Manager | Syncfusion
Hello Hunters, The modern web development ecosystem is filled with tons of open-source and commercial UI widgets. Despite having all these great options, we still feel it is a cumbersome task to obtain all the necessary UI components for a project from a wide variety of sources. Even if we manage to find all the required UI components, we always find it difficult to integrate them within our applications due to the lack of consistency in appearance and usage APIs. Also, some components might lack important features like touch input support, responsiveness, keyboard shortcuts, accessibility standards compliance, and so on. Overall, we feel the need for a single UI suite that provides all the necessary components. To solve this problem, we at Syncfusion developed a comprehensive library called Syncfusion Essential JS 2 Controls Library for all your web UI component needs. All these controls are developed in pure JS and do not have any dependencies. This package includes 60+ high-performance, modern, and responsive UI controls, plus more than 300 tutorial demos and real-world app integration demos to make it the only suite you will ever need. All the components are written to be modular so you can consume each of the controls separately without any unnecessary overhead or bloat. Some popular and widely used controls in this suite are DataGrid, Scheduler, Diagram, Charts (featuring 30+ chart types!), and Tree View. This suite also has feature-rich and unique controls like PDF Viewer, Word Processor (Document Editor), Pivot Table, Dashboard Layout, Query Builder UI, and In-Place Editor. It is already the largest collection of JavaScript UI controls available, but we plan to add even more components in the future based on customer feedback. This library is a commercial product, but its entire source code is available on GitHub. A free Community License is also available for individuals and small businesses. If you have any questions, contact me through the comments section or through our website. Thanks, Suresh
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