Essential Design System

Flexible and customizable Sketch kit for your next project

Essentials help you quickly design mockups and prototypes with a myriad of drag and drop and responsive components.

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This seems like a really useful Sketch kit for UX designers. Users with the code "PRODUCTHUNT" will receive a small discount. I'd also check out this video of live use:
@kikischirr Thank you for hunting the product!
I thought this kit was for the Essential Phone's UI! 😂
@chrismessina Damn, I definitely didn't make the connection when I came up with the name, haha.
Hello Product Hunters! In the past two weeks I've been working on a Sketch UI Kit for people who want to make quick prototypes of their applications and websites in Sketch. This kit utilizes the symbols feature of Sketch. You can drag and drop components and also choose from a plethora of widgets and mockups. You can also use the code 'PRODUCTHUNT' to get a discount. Thank you!
First time I bought an UI Kit, says enough about the quality ;)
@dannypostmaa Thank you, I appreciate it a lot! Hope you make good use of the product.

Well done, Glen!


Great UI elements, epic mockups, really focused product.