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Essential is a weekly planner that consists of a grid of 21 blocks. Each day has three blocks (morning, afternoon and evening). Writing down a single priority per block forces you to focus on the main thing.

Vincent Denise
Marie Denis
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    Simple and clear in usage


    Would like to have more color/theming options

    Would be great to add color Codina to different types of tasks (to differentiate work from leisure)

    Kelly Sinterniklaas has used this product for one month.
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Sander Visser
Sander VisserMaker@fishsander · Building
Hi Product Hunt! For founders, time is the most important currency. Essential helps you plan your time and focus better, so you gain more clarity to make more impact. @jorisderuiter has been using this method (on paper) for a couple of years now after his psychologist recommended it. The idea of digitizing the product came from a discussion we had back in April on how to get more out of a week as a founder, without going insane. I wrote an article about the road from paper to web app and how to find clarity and focus here: Essential is built with Meteor, React, Reach UI and styled-components. We've put a lot of effort in accessibility and making sure it works for anyone, anywhere. Don't like using your mouse? The keyboard works just fine. Our next tech goal is to make it PWA ready. We might also turn Essential into mobile and desktop apps. As we've been using the planner for a couple of months now, we feel like the product is near-finished. We decided to make it a paid service because if we don't make money, we can't eat. The current pricing is set at $10/year, while you can try it out for 30 days. We're really excited to hear your feedback and will be around most of the day to answer questions. Although the next three hours we'll be surfing. 👋
Sabba Keynejad
Sabba Keynejad@sab8a · Developer / Designer
@jorisderuiter @fishsander really like the simplicity, I looks forward to trying it out this week!
Sander Visser
Sander VisserMaker@fishsander · Building
@sab8a cheers Sabba, would love to chat next week to see how it affects you!
Mick Weijers
Mick Weijers@mick_weijers
Helps me to stay focused while working on many projects every week!
Vincent Denise
Vincent Denise@yesnoornext · 📖 @threader_app
Hi Sander, I think this weekly planner could be useful for my use case, do you plan to add a feature for teams?
Mo Rajabifard
Mo Rajabifard@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@yesnoornext What's your problem in the team and how do you think it'll help the team?
Vincent Denise
Vincent Denise@yesnoornext · 📖 @threader_app
@morajabi The problem in the team is when you want to see what are your team members' main priorities, Essential could be a collaborative way to do this in a simple way, you can take a look or merge all the blocks when you need it.
Sander Visser
Sander VisserMaker@fishsander · Building
@yesnoornext nice! We see Essential most useful for people founders and other people who manage their own schedule and work irregularly. This means that work, social and sports is often mixed and therefor sharing your planning with other people seems undesirable. Would like to hear your thoughts on this if you think differently though!
Chris Gwilliams
Chris Gwilliams@encima27 · Unicorn Hunter
Actively loving this. Simple idea. If this could do caldav sync and mobile then I would pay you all the money.
Sander Visser
Sander VisserMaker@fishsander · Building
@encima27 Great to hear. What is the reason you would want it to do calendar sync? We've been playing with this ourselves as well but we disliked how our calendar events cluttered the planner.
Paul Harker
Paul Harker@paul_harker
Honestly, I think this is a great idea. It's always a good idea to focus on only a few things each day - and this is a perfect way to divide your time. I'm in.
Joris de Ruiter
Joris de RuiterMaker@jorisderuiter · Founder of ConvertCalculator
@paul_harker that's awesome!