Esplorio 2.0

Automatically create a beautiful travel journal

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This feels like it should be native to iOS or Android.. it's a seamless way to track where you've been and share with the people you love. I've seen a lot of companies try to do things like this but Esplorio wins in my book for its battery efficiency, design, and easy searching. It's a perfect way to track & share your upcoming holiday trips!
@gillianim Thanks so much! Since we were last hunted, we’ve been in constant touch with our users to learn how to best improve the app and have built a tonne of new features in Esplorio 2.0, making sure it’s the best way to help people record and share their travels 😀 Of all the new features, the two that things we’re most excited about are: - My Places: A way for users to browse/search all the places they’ve visited in the past. - Arc Detection: We’ve built a unique new system that has the highest quality GPS tracking and lowest battery usage of any other app of its kind. On top of that, we’ve made changes throughout the app to make your content stand out, plus new views like a 3D globe view of your trip, and tonnes of changes to make the experience of using Esplorio seamless.
@essasaulat cool, congrats on this new release guys!
@loudijk Thanks Lex :D :D
I'm going on a trip over Christmas where I won't have much WiFi/Data. Would Esplorio work in that kind of situation?
Hi @jonbstrong, absolutely. Esplorio will work offline without a data connection for weeks at a time. We keep your data stored offline and then sort it out when you get access to wifi or are back on your home network. So you get all the features including automatic place detection without any roaming bills :-)

 Here’s an example of some guys who used it when driving a Toyota Yaris to Mongolia with _very_ limited data!
@jonbstrong We also tried the app at 10,000 feet without any mobile signal and it still worked, as you can see here :D
I've been using Esplorio for over a year now now with the TripIt integration (can't recommend that feature enough). The battery life is incredible and keeps getting better, it still uses no more than 2% in a day, which is _so_ worth it. This release looks great, keep up the great work, can't wait to see what else you have in store for us 😃
@perryroper Thank you so much! Really appreciate it
@perryroper Speaking of integrations, for anybody Tripcase users around here, we have integrations with that platform as well :D
I'm not normally that photo guy. But this is just cool. There are so many amazing data visualisations etc. "hidden" away in Esplorio. Really good job. Gave Esplorio a test with the amazingly sexy task of ... travel expenses :D (just snap those receipts) ... and it works like a charm! What else (that it is completely not designed for) should I throw at it?
@lemakkan Hah! Awesome idea actually :) It's crazy how many things people are doing with Esplorio! For example, one of our users uses it to record how many days he has been out of the UK (for visa purposes). A lot of users have actually been using public trips to decide where to go next :D What's really interesting is that hotels are also using Esplorio to showcase the trips their guests can take when they are staying with them 😀
@essasaulat Awesome! A personal-log-of-where-I-actually-have-been is pretty neat. Has a bearing on visas, taxes, ... your carbon footprint 😬
@lemakkan Exactly! ✈️🌏👣
@lemakkan @essasaulat we've been getting a lot of feedback about this actually. I've been using it personally to help calculate my CO2 output when travelling, but people have been using it for insurance, hotels or even recording behind the scenes events at Grand Prix like Williams Martini Racing: (I love the photo of the trophy going through the security scanner at the airport)!
This is looking great, love all the new features added since Esplorio first launched!
@leanne_beesley Thank you!! :D