Esplorio 2.0

Automatically create a beautiful travel journal

Would you recommend Esplorio 2.0 to a friend?


Gillian Morris
@gillianim · CEO, Hitlist
This feels like it should be native to iOS or Android.. it's a seamless way to track where you've been and share with the people you love. I've seen a lot of companies try to do things like this but Esplorio wins in my book for its battery efficiency, design, and easy searching. It's a perfect way to track & share your upcoming holiday trips!
Jonathan B Strong
@jonbstrong · Softlayer Community Development Manager
I'm going on a trip over Christmas where I won't have much WiFi/Data. Would Esplorio work in that kind of situation?
Perry Roper
I've been using Esplorio for over a year now now with the TripIt integration (can't recommend that feature enough). The battery life is incredible and keeps getting better, it still uses no more than 2% in a day, which is _so_ worth it. This release looks great, keep up the great work, can't wait to see what else you have in store for us 😃
@lemakkan · Co-Founder, Knomi
I'm not normally that photo guy. But this is just cool. There are so many amazing data visualisations etc. "hidden" away in Esplorio. Really good job. Gave Esplorio a test with the amazingly sexy task of ... travel expenses :D (just snap those receipts) ... and it works like a charm! What else (that it is completely not designed for) should I throw at it?
Leanne Beesley
@leanne_beesley · co-founder at Coworker.com
This is looking great, love all the new features added since Esplorio first launched!