The simplest way to record and share your travels

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This is an app I'm super excited about - it's a travel app that automatically checks you into the places you visit, maps out your routes, and uploads the photos you take, and adds these your own private digital travel journal. It basically takes all the legwork out of creating a memento of your trip! It doesn't need data coverage, so you'll avoid hefty data charges when abroad, and aims to be as energy-efficient as possible to avoid battery drain. You can also manually create trips, and it links up with a bunch of other services (Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter, Flickr, Tripit and Picasa) to ensure all your memories are stored.
Woop excited to see Esplorio on here! Been waiting for this to launch since getting a sneak peek at the Beta version. Great for travelling - especially long distance travels like across South East Asia and South America, etc.
Hey @leannebeesley ! I'm Essa, one of the co-founders of Esplorio :D Thanks for the positive feedback! Since you mentioned recording trips, just wanted to share a few trips the team took to give you an idea what trips recorded with the current app look like: *A team road trip from Oxford to Lake Como to work on the first version of the app * The team headed for TechCrunch Disrupt SF (2015) using the Coast Starlight Express as an office :D (from San Francisco to Los Angeles) : As you can see we've made quite a few improvements to the tracking since the beta :D Let me know what you think!
I love travel and i Love Esplorio ... there is also an android app?
@marcogurnari soon Marco... soon I hope! :-) We're a small team so we're working to refine as much as we can before we move onto another platform.
Hey @marcogurnari, Really happy to hear that you like what we are building! While we don't yet have an android app, we do have a web version of Esplorio you can try :D The website basically lets you import social media content to create trips like the trip below: One of our awesome user's Mongol Rally trip: (entirely made using social media) Would you happen to have any past trips/vacations recorded on either foursquare, instagram, Facebook or twitter? If so, you may be able to make trips retroactively :)
@riaface thanks so much for posting us! It's so great hearing your enthusiasm! Hi everyone! We’re really excited to be hunted today and would love to chat or answer any questions you may have. :-) I'm Tim, with Sean and Essa, we're the three founders of Esplorio. The three of us met in Oxford, UK after having lived on a few different continents and with varied backgrounds. We all love to travel and have been frustrated at the lack of coherent ways to keep our data together and display them in a way that really shows not just moments in a timeline, but an entire journey. This is our first launch release on the iPhone and we’ve got some great plans on what we’ll be doing next.
@timfernando is an integration with built by @levelsio possible? That would be pretty neat for the digital nomad crowd..
@jonbstrong interesting idea! We love integrations (at least when we don't have too many timezone headaches ;-), so it would be great to chat to @levelsio about it!
Cool idea, up until now I've been doing it manually on FB. Any chance a future feature will let me import my "places" from FB?
@moravtchik hey! We actually already integrate with some of the Facebook places objects - and we've got some improvements coming too. Try taking it for a spin with your Facebook account and you should see your places after a couple of minutes 😄