ESP Finder

Discover the software used to send any email campaign.

Curious which email marketing platform the brands in your inbox used to send their campaigns? Forward them to ESP Finder and it will instantly reply with the answer.
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Morning, Product Hunt! It's funny how simple things can sometimes be the hardest to solve. As an email marketer, knowing which email marketing platform the brands you admire or your competitors use is one of those things. Small yet incredibly helpful, this information can be nearly impossible to find. So, I built a product to solve that. And rather than build yet another app you have to track down or Google or bookmark or whatever, I made using ESP Finder as simple as hitting forward from the email that sparked the curiosity in the first place and sending it to an address you can store as a contact. Within about 10-15 seconds, it will reply with the answer you were looking for. Thanks for checking it out! Would love any/all feedback.
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Denis Shershnev
Founder & CEO
Awesome product @greggblanchard !
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@eulerr Thanks, Denis!
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walttos brawniesoftware devops
awesome. I will test it