Send emails to anyone, anonymously

Eskiimo is a fun tool that lets you sent email to either a friend, friend of a friend, family member, cowoker or someone.
There is no way to find out who sent an Eskiimo.
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Is there a reason for this to exist that justifies the risk of people being abused with it? @elliotisles what steps have you taken to make sure people don't use Eskiimo to cause harm? Do you feel like you've taken enough steps?
@_taurean Issue is, if someone really wanted to harass someone they could make 100's of random email addresses on their own to do that, do you think normal email company's take enough steps? Have you ever tried to make a shit ton of gmail accounts? what about outlook? what about yahoo? do think they have enough steps? what about people who know how to make their own emails? do you think they could do the same? do you?
@_taurean @matthew_paton outlook, yahoo and gmail are not anonymous duh
@freddiellow you can pretty easy stay anonymous with them duh
@freddiellow idk about you but have you ever even made an account on outlook before? I've done it a few times and it doesn't need a phone number which means if i wanted to make a new account constantly to "harass someone", i could. Last time i made a bunch of emails for gmail i was able to make i believe 10 of them before it required a phone number to create more (not sure anymore as it seems every time now needs a phone number so not sure how that even happened). And yahoo idk, i just remembered it was an email so i just thought fuck it throw it in there.
what if someone wants to report an email received from eskiimo? how do you work out such situations?
@freddiellow Unfortunately this is the reality of anonymity. We filter emails that have negative words and they're flagged on our end. We can then escalate these and submit them to police ect.
In what situation would I want the receiver not to know who sent the email?
@christopher_lee4 When you're trying to send threatening or abusive content.
@christopher_lee4 @jordankrueger or feel like sending a friend a bunch of pictures of cats or some other bs and make them super confused on whats happening, for fun!
@christopher_lee4 @matthew_paton Yeah! Ask your friends who are women how often they get that kind of content that doesn't feel threatening!
@zappe Yup, first place I'm going to go to blow the whistle is Eskiimo ๐Ÿ™„
Probably the fact that every possible use of this app that comes to mind would not be as fun for the recipient as it would be for me. That probably speaks of me more than of the app. Still, I have hard time understanding the full potential of this program.
Can you explain a bit what diffrentiates this and other disposable email services?
@requestmark1 It's free and requires no sign up. Also this is more of a 'fun' project. We want you to 'get off your chest' those things you can't say to those in your workplace! Also restricted to only a few sign offs, so its highly personalised and intimate rather than a simple burner email.