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#2 Product of the DayApril 21, 2019
Have an eSIM supported device? esimdb is the best place to find a suitable eSIM data plan for your trip. Simply by selecting a country or region, you can find and compare all the available eSIM providers and their data plans.
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Hi there, Thanks for checking out this product! Embedded SIM, or eSIM for short, is believed to revolutionize the SIM industry and how people contract to or switch a network operator. iPhone XS/XR, Pixel 3 and the new Galaxy Fold all support eSIM and there will be more smartphones and tablets (and even laptops) that support eSIM in the near future. We have more than 5 years of experience in providing mobile internet for travelers and we firmly believe that eSIM is extremely useful for travelers. However, often times it's quite hard and time-consuming to search the eSIM data plan that suits your travel. And it's getting even harder as more network operators provide eSIM service. So we've made esimdb, the aggregation site / marketplace, so that travelers can find the suitable eSIM data plan with ease.






Great job!!😁 it's very much needed for the frequent traveler to different countries
@ayush_chandra Thanks! We will be adding few more providers next month as well as UI improvements over time. Stay tuned!
Amazing compilation! Very convenient though comparing the prices this convenience comes at a cost. I mean, thanks to this brilliant compilation I can easily compare the prices and plans hahaha.
@swiftpolar Glad you found it useful! We will keep on adding information to make it more comprehensive!
I really like the website but I’m skeptical on how well curated the list is. For example, currently Finland only has one service provider (Telia) who sells eSIM plans and even they’re not on the list. I’ve never even heard of any of the companies it’s suggesting for Finland.
@carlospwk We only list the providers that offer prepaid data plans (since this site is meant for travelers). We believe Telia does not provide any prepaid data plans for travelers?
@carlospwk sorry again, just need to add this: we only list those who offer prepaid data plans that you can purchase / setup online (because that's the beauty of eSIM). A few other providers do offer prepaid data plans but you'd still have to go to one of their shops physically to get their eSIM (QR code).