eShares for Founders

Start your company right with a clean cap table.

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Hey PH! This is James from the product marketing team at eShares. We're really excited to launch eShares for Founders, a streamlined version of eShares made specifically for new startups. It has all the core features you need to take your startup from incorporation to your first Seed round: — Issue electronic stock certificates in minutes (and save hundreds in legal fees) — Manage your cap table in the cloud (it updates in real-time with every issuance so it's never out-of-date or inaccurate) — Run reports and model out scenarios (you can also include draft certificates to create a pro-forma cap table) Our favorite thing about eShares for Founders is that it only costs $100/year and you can upload your cap table in about 10 minutes. (Note: eShares for Founders is limited to companies with only Common stock.) If you have any feedback we'd love to hear it! Also happy to answer any questions.
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Alex Fishman
Founder/CEO at Bugsee
I'm eShares' customer for several years now. Love the product and support. Keep it up!
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