Remind yourself of links you'd like to see again.

Esgy lets you set simple email reminders for links you'd like to see again right from your address bar. No browser extensions required.

To set an email reminder for a link, type in front of the URL in the address bar like:

and hit enter, thats it!

Esgy will email you the link(s) a week later.

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Hi! I made Esgy because most link reminder apps/extensions I've tried were a hassle to set e.g., schedule for what date? what hour? etc ... They also were either mobile only, desktop only, or worked differently on both. Starring or bookmarking the link was out of the question for me because I rarely got back to links I bookmarked. I wanted something that was proactive and that I can set and forget. I hope this is of use to anyone out there. Cheers!
Hey @babikeralbanna, this is super neat! Been looking for something like this myself, will definitely be using this to remind myself of links I find at work. Heads up: looks like your site doesn’t like the “?ref=producthunt” query when being being redirected from PH, it shows an error.
@cedricamaya Cedric, I'm glad it could be of use to you! Just fixed "?ref=producthunt" issue, thanks for the heads up 🍺
really nice idea!! totally loved the simplicity. in my case I tend to categorize and order the links to remember why I find them intersting, I use the regular bookmarks for it.
@roberto_ayala Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Bookmarks certainly do work, in my case however,I never remember to get back to links I bookmark.