The most compact electric scooter that folds

eScooter is a redesigned electric scooter like no other. With its unique folding system, eScooter stands out from the competition by unfolding/folding in less than 5 seconds! Can you believe that? What is even better is its clever design that makes it small yet fast. Experience the craftiest electric scooter in the market, eScooter |Foldable|.

11KG! Xiaomi Mijia 365 – 12KG
This is really cool, and I'd buy one right now if it was ready. Not kickstartering though.
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Quite similar to Coswheel A, it's a bit heavier, probably because of bigger battery 8800mAh instead of 7200mAh in eScooter.
Hey there. This looks nice. Wondering about legal issues though. Did you check if it meets up with European standards? I know that in The Netherlands the Minister of Traffic would have to give it the "special mopet" indication and that people of 16+ may ride it
@eekayonline yes, we did. We make sure the eScooter is save to use
Love the product and we still have a few days left! You can also check our testride video on our Kickstarter page. We still have an Limited Offer going on! Hopefully you will not miss this! LIMITED THANKSGIVING eScooter HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY with a LIMITED THANKSGIVING eScooter pledge! Thank you for your support. You will receive 1x eScooter |Foldable| in the color of your choice: