An ESC key solution for new Apple Laptops

Connecting to your "Escape Key Server" and having a dedicated $700+ device to replace one physical key on your keyboard is the very essence of the phrase "Over-engineered". While I understand the frustration, we have to remember that you will already have an escape key while using terminal (the default touchbar has an 'esc' key at all times unless a specific program overwrites it like Photos, or Final Cut, or Photoshop). And if for some reason, some other program/plugin that you downloaded has taken hold of your touchbar to display other things you can ALWAYS press the 'fn' (function) key to display not only the escape key, but all of the traditional F1-F12 keys.
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Like I get(/hope) this is a joke but there's karabiner
What were their thoughts? "Uhh Apple removed the physical ESC key and replaced it with a virtual button on a touchscreen – yeah let's better use an external touch screen which is has a larger distance from my hands when using the keyboard than the touchbar's esc key – it's gonna be suuuper fast and productive." sorry for irony but this product makes no sense in my eyes.
"This is garbage code that I wrote to amuse myself, don't depend on it, unless you'd really like to for whatever reason."