8-bit gaming on the bitcoin Lightning Network

EscapeQR is a fun web-based arcade game that uses the Lightning Network in a pay-to-play model. Just like an old-school arcade cabinet, but instead of dropping quarters into a machine, you complete a microtransaction on the Lightning Network.
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Will be really cool to see more and more 'real' games adopting crypto for micro transactions and assets and all that. Slowly but surely, we are moving in the right direction.
@ynehoroshkin I've been thinking of writing a Lightning Network tipping system for Beat Saber level creators. The good ones are so good! Would love a way to kick back a tip to them. But QR code invoices and VR are an awkward mix... But yeah, I could imagine a BAT-style ecosystem where advertisers pay in via a token for some ad space in the game world and then players can earn a share of that token back out while playing and then spend it on in-game items or withdraw it. I haven't played with incorporating NFTs/collectibles yet, but that's on my list, too.
I built this simple, web-based arcade game as a way to encourage people to learn more about the bitcoin Lightning Network and see how amazing it is to make their first nearly instantaneous micro-transaction! (the 100 satoshi pay-to-play fee is about equal to 1 cent) More improvements coming: free-to-play option, eternal achievements system (trophies are written to the blockchain and will be preserved forever!), high score competitions & giveaways.
This is a really cool introduction to using the lightning network!