Escape Your Bubble

Chrome Extension to get out of your Facebook News Bubble

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Nice, @daualset. I've been half joking that we need a site that surfaces content from people we don't (and likely wouldn't) befriend or follow. Mixing this into people's existing routine (scrolling Facebook) is smart.
@rrhoover @daualset The average (U.S.) user has no clue there in a bubble. And, ironically, they now doubt it when you try to tell them. Crazy times.
"We need to make a stronger effort to understand the arguments of our political opponents. We need to be more accepting of the views of our political opponents. And we need to understand that, at the end of the day, we are all trying to do what is best for our country. So we built a Chrome Extension to help us all out. It works by breaking through your siloed online experience and replacing ads with articles and pictures which shed your political opponents in a positive light, challenge your worldview, and encourage you to get to know the other side better."
obligatory request for firefox extension version