Bring an escape room into your own room with the power of AR. Solve the puzzles alone or team up with up to 3 people. Only one person has to pay $1.99 for everyone to play! A great way to bring people closer together through technology.

I want to try this so bad 😬
@abadesi Go for it!
My mom was visiting me and wanted to do an escape room together. As soon as we finished I realized I needed to build it in AR. Escape rooms are a blast but they're too expensive. My goal was to make a better escape room you could play anywhere with AR. This kicked off the multi month process of spending nights and weekends learning AR in Unity, how to make 3D models, and everything that goes in to making a game. I learned a ton along the way, and seeing the smiles of the people who use the product make it all worth it! I can't wait to see what you all think of it!
love the idea.. how would a typical riddle be solved? Will there be physical interaction?
@markus_liechti you would find a puzzle and begin interacting with it (by tapping on the screen) the clue is hidden somewhere in the room!
Something new for me, and already can't wait to try it,i love this kind of quest games and definitely i'll play with my friends).I am a fan of escape room and last week me and my friends found one of the weirdest escape room that we ever played)) and if there is someone who likes such games i guess they should try it!