Escape the Donald

Where to move now Donald Trump is president?

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Alex Cahiz
@omnialx · Cyberpunk
Nice one Pieter! Hoping this unbelievable election result motivates more digital nomads to build their products outside America and in more exciting, less insane destinations.
Braunson Yager
@braunshizzle · Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
Very cool but the falling Trump heads make it hard to use..
Zach Reed
@bluetidepro · UI/UX Designer
Fun/neat idea for a website, but fuck the UX of this site. You can't even use it with the stupid heads falling down non-stop. It would be funny if they fell for a second then stopped, but non stop makes the site unusable.
Vance Lucas
@vlucas · Founder, Actridge
Just remember that if you are a US citizen planning to live abroad, you still have to pay US taxes, and now with much stiffer penalties if you don't, thanks to the FACTA and FBAR passed under the Obama administration. :) https://www.crunch.co.uk/blog/fr...
Andrew Sass
@andrewsass · UI/UX Designer and Developer
turn off the auto playing music please