Escape Team

A printable and interactive pen and paper escape game

Cut, fold and draw to solve Escape Team's puzzles, racing against a countdown on your mobile phone.

Print your mission (you'll find it as a free download on, gather some friends, and start defusing bombs, rescuing hacked elevators, and saving airplanes from crashing.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hello, Product Hunt! We're excited to launch Escape Team here! Mobile games tend to isolate players, and we wanted to change that. That's why we created Escape Team – a cooperative pen&paper escape game for iOS and Android that you can easily print out yourself. Looking forward to hear what you think – and have fun!
@fabianhemmert Just had a game night and we played 4 of the missions and had a blast!!! How often do you for see new missions being launched? Also It seemed a bit difficult to get everyone to work on one phase at a time. More like 1-2 people work on a phase and finish them all at once. I wonder If it would elongate the game if you were only allowed to work on the phases in order.
@ivan_witteborg Hey, great to hear that you liked it! :-) We have a bunch of ideas for new missions, hopefully we'll have some new ones out before Christmas! People working in parallel (and thereby, not actively collaborating) is indeed something we want to change in those new missions... ;-)
@fabianhemmert Awesome, Great to hear. Let me know if you need any play testers, Would love to help out!

Keep up the good


easy to follow instructions. Hints are done well.Game is exciting and fun. Can not wait until more come out.


Kinda easy. Made it throughall f them tim to spare except one.

Thanks for the feedback! We'll boost up the difficulty in the next missions. ;-)
Well, I just loove the idea of this game. I enjoy playing boardgame and it seems quite an interesting one, I’ll definitely try it out. My only concert is if it’s too complicated to set up. Watching the video it seems like there’s a lot of cutting and gluing.
I love going to escape rooms, this seems very similar to that concept! I am excited to try this out!