Escape Site

An escape room in your browser

Escape Site is an escape room in your browser. Think outside the box and solve the puzzles. It is very challenging, so don't be dismayed if your don't escape! Good luck!

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Hi PH! I created Escape Site to challenge my friends to think outside the box. I am told that it is fiendishly challenging. Hope you'll enjoy it. Let me know how it goes. If you can escape, then huge kudos to you!
@mitch_crowe when are we likely to see more?
<3 <3 <3
I have played a couple jail-themed escape rooms that use this concept. The game master clearly explained in advance that you could disassemble the chair you were handcuffed to, so I was never uncomfortable. However, some players (especially people who are claustraphobic) may not like feeling restricted in this way.

Had a nice time, got it complete in under 10 mins so.. it felt easy i suppose


Nice challenge


Not too hard

Hey, what is the answer for page 2? I get the word judge, but nothing else? please help me!
Wow! You must have bulging brains. Kudos!
This is brilliant. I completed it in 7:07. Can't wait for the full version!
@antonybearpark Thanks! And nice!