Escape 2

How much time have I given [YouTube] this week?

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I still use Escape after its post over a year ago Now it looks like it will ruin my days even more!! 😛 Set your quota for distracting websites - I wonder how many people stick to this
What happens to the data and history? Are they stored on my mac or in the cloud? I like the minimalism design, but 10 bugs are bit to high for such a small tool – 4,99 would be perfect. #WaitingForSale ;)
@markusgerke Same here; love the design but $4.99 seems as more reasonable price. Maker, we want PH discount please :)
@mightyalex @markusgerke Haha, thanks guys. I'm sure there will be a sale in the coming weeks via NativeCraft (see So leave your email there!
@markusgerke And to answer the original questions. Everything is stored on your Mac. Would you find cloud useful?
@_vojto Not really. Similar apps like RescueTime are online based and I think browser history is a really private topic. So please stay 'offline'. ;)
A really nice and clean app! I wanna know these stats? 🙈
To give a little story - I keep receiving these RescueTime emails on weekends and they always tell me "you spent 4 hours on social media this week". But that's too late. I built this app specifically to know how much I gave those websites as I use them, in real time. In need that thrown in my face, to realize I need to be more temperent with my time.
Great. I'll try it. I already know that results gonna hurt and I will be ashamed. 😆