Get donations without people paying

ernr is a donation page generator that allows you to get donations without paying, by mining cryptos.

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Hey PH! Say hello to ernr, a donation page generator. ernr generates donation pages for you that mine the monero cryptocurrency on your the visitor's computer. Before mining, ernr asks the user for permission. At max, it uses 70% of the user's CPU. Payouts above 0.3 XMR (~$95) are automatically processed. It uses something like coinhive in the background, but the difference is you can generate a page in lesser than a minute, no complications involved. After that, it's just sharing the URL, and getting people to keep that tab open for a while! Let me know what you think! My ernr page -$f1uj9S :p
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@jajoosam Nice one!
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Cosmin Băluţă
Marketing, Interbrands
In theory, it's a really nice idea. But i think it's pretty hard to get so many people mining for you. The only viable scenario i see is people keeping their PC open overnight for mining. I see a person doing that for 1-2 days, top. That would mean you'd have to get tens of thousands of NEW visitors every couple of days. Let's say 40-50% would mine during the day, 2-3 hours tops, i still don't see that many people doing that. I all depends on how much of a beating the PC can take. If the user doesn't see it slow down, it might go somewhere, but people use the PC for work/games/movies/youtube. I imagine a video would buffer every couple of seconds. Anyway, as i've said, it's a good idea and it could work. Also, you need to add a Goal visual, maybe with some animations to keep donators engaged (to see that they've helped and to see how much more it's needed).
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@cosminbaluta Thanks for the great feedback! I agree with everythng you've said - it's a viable option only if you have the means to reach out to a broad audience, and if they're willing to keep their PC Mining. Will work on the Goal visuals, and let you know when it's up :)
Justin KellererCo Fonder of Learn Jazz Standards
How many hours would the average computer have to have that tab open in order to generate 0.3 XMR?
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@justin_k Assuming a computer which can do 20H/s, and that it's just one computer, that'd be 2253.9444027 days. I calculated this with It would be useless to have just one computer to do all the work though... if you have the 10000 opening up an ernr page, it would take only 8 hours to earn 0.3 XMR(~97) Hope this helps!
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This is pretty interesting as a concept. I do wonder though if it makes practical sense
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