Plain-text short form publishing for startups

#5 Product of the WeekDecember 27, 2019
Ernestly is a blogging platform for startups that helps you share each step of your startup journey with bite-sized posts of 1200 characters or less. It's plain-text, image-free and hyperlink-free so you can focus on what you have to say.
Built on Bubble.
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Looks great. I like your attention to simplicity and concise content. If you consider images, think about a single image, like your single optional source link. That way, the image adds context to a post, without distraction. Maybe the image is always at the top, or is a preview on the posts in the feed. But give it more than 3 votes before considering adding images 😉👍
@josephjguerra Thanks Joseph! Glad you like the design. Totally agree on the images front. Was thinking a single header image. I've had a few other requests for images from the early beta testers and it does make sense from a showcase point of view so I can definitely see that angle - but yeah, it will be interesting to hear some other perspectives. What are your thoughts on adding a profile image for user profiles? Feel like an avatar might be needed to make the profiles more visually unique?
Hey all 👋 Ernestly is a plain-text, short-form publishing platform for startups with post lengths of no more than 1200 characters. The concept is inspired by TL;DRs. Short posts that are easy to digest but give you all the essential information. It also inspires more frequent writing while forcing you to be succinct. Posts are added to your profile, creating a log of your startup journey. There are no images or hyperlinks to keep it focused on the words and to avoid spam. A single "source" link can be added per post for additional context. There are no comments/likes etc. but every post has a quick-tweet button to allow the conversation to continue on Twitter. It’s privacy first. So there are no tracking cookies used at all.
I had a chance to beta test this, I love the concept and UI. I’m not sure I’m entirely sold on the lack of links and images - but I see the uniqueness of this, and I’m curious to see where it goes.
@andrew_davison Thanks Andrew (for the beta testing and kind words). I've gone back and forth on the images and links too. Will be keen to get some early feedback from users on this too. Perhaps that will change if there is demand for these things. Thanks again! 🙏
I like the simplicity. Links on posts have always been a headache for me. I end up with 30 tabs open and lose track of the main topic. And sometimes authors do that just for the sake of the reference to other sites that will be "thankful" for the link. I started limiting myself to 3 links per post and recently started including them as footnotes only. Lack of images may be a problem for me though, since a diagram here and there may be useful.
@jaironpz Thanks for the feedback Jose. Interesting point you pick out there. I do the same thing and end up with a trail of tabs to work my way through. Thanks for the thoughts on the images too. Seems that having at least 1 image is the way to go so I'll probably be adding that in the next release.
Really intrigued by your idea and the approach you are taking, JT. Kudos for building this on Bubble, that's just badass! I am a huge fan of writing online consistently (as I believe it compounds like nothing else!) and the TL;DR style is always easy to digest. The timing couldn't be more appropriate as "writing" is taking off. ps: I'm also building a writing related platform but coincidentally for long-form content haha. It is called Count me as your early user!
@thisiskp_ Thanks KP! Glad you like it so much! I follow your work on Twitter. Love the look of writerscompound. Very VERY cool!
@joshua_tiernan thank you v much!