Anyone can now build and communicate with a complex robot.

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Many thanks to Ulrica and Product Hunt community for bringing one of our favourite robots to your site. Erle Robotics mission is to make smart, affordable robots with open platforms so that you the people can develop them. We are surprised every day what you guys can do with our tech. Please ask me anything. Really excited to join your platform. Carlos Uraga. CEO Erle Robotics
I built this with my family over Xmas. A great introduction to robotics but from a brief foray into the Erle-Spier forums, it is clearly a robotic developer's product too.
p.s. the Fast-Motion assembly video is awesome.
Yes a great Fast-Mo clip. I doubt my experience will be anything like that. Question please Carlos @kauraga I don't know how to program yet, how can I create behaviors with Erle-Spider?
@Horse. Developers love to hack around with source code but our main customer base is schools and universities. We have presented code on our site in simple blocks (using Blockly). This means you can easily make you Spider "Go forward 5 seconds" "Sit down", "Turn right 2 seconds" Cut and paste the blocks and you are there. Easily edit part of the block and suddenly you coding robot behaviour !!