Waiting for hours in emergency rooms is now in the past

ERgent is the ideal ER Wait Time app. Our algorithm uses location, average wait time, and hospital features to recommend the quickest routes and best options for care.
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Hello everyone! My name's Christian, and I'm a medical student with a passion for innovation and doing the right thing. I've been a huge fan of Product Hunt for years, so I'm excited to share an app that I've been working on for quite some time now. Please please please give me any feedback - I would love to make this product as impactful as possible. Meet ERgent! ERgent uses your GPS location and combines it with our "Door to Doctor" algorithm to help you locate the emergency room not only with the shortest average wait time to see a doctor, but also with the highest quality of care and hospital's with unique specialties. We use a wide variety of data published by Medicare and other medical sources and combine it with average hospital wait times so you can avoid spending the next 10 hours in the emergency department's waiting room. Of course, if there is any severe medical emergency, such as stroke symptoms, severe chest pain, or dizziness, you should close the app and call 911 immediately. Users can find hospitals in three ways: ERgent's Recommendation uses our algorithm, Search by Symptoms finds hospitals specialties, and Search by Location uses a remote address to find hospitals in a given area. I made this app in order to help patients feel comfortable with access to emergency care. The goal is that if you're going to work, traveling, or visiting friends, you will always know where to go if you need medical assistance. Too often I've heard, "I'll go to the ER later, I don't wait to sit in that waiting room," or "Which hospital around here is the best for this?" It is our hope that ERgent will begin to help remedy these situations. I have long felt that medicine and tech can work more closely together to benefit patients, and I believe ERgent is a prime example. Down the line, we intend to add live wait times, as well as different hospital specializations (Pregnancy care, pediatrics, etc.). I am eager to hear any and all suggestions on improvements, ideas, or if you want to get involved.
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