Customizable and flexible sales CRM for all businesses

Erekites is a customizable and flexible sales CRM for all businesses.

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Erekites is a constantly improving product. We are currently in alpha. We continue to add new features everyday. It is completely free to use.
Stay tuned for updates! We are adding features literally on a daily basis! and guess what? They are all for free! Make the best use of for increasing your sales!
Will you always be free? Or, just in your infancy stage? What is different about you guys that all the other thousands of CRM's cannot do?
@michael_aaron_grier Almost all the features that are being offered by several CRMs are completely free in ours. We are hoping to charge only for the most novel of the features that are currently under development. But that said though, we can assure you our free features will not be distinguishable from the paid features offered by the other CRMs.
@michael_aaron_grier But again, in all likelihood, we will keep the entire CRM suite completely free for small and medium sized businesses.
Out of curiosity, how do you plan to sustain the business if you plan on keeping all features free?
@samuelcostie I can understand your concern which is very true. We are working on a business model that will help propel the business towards making money.
Your website isn't very compelling, there's nothing there that isn't featured in a free CRM like Hubspot or Freshsales. Do you do anything unique to solve a specific sales problem?
@stinhambo We are just a few weeks old. We are constantly adding new features. We are trying to reach the top. As of now, we are not looking at solving a specific sales problem but eventually we will try looking at niche areas and address them.
@suhasbhairav Features don't sell products, you need to solve a problem in a new or better way and talk to customers in a way that tells them you understand their problems. Otherwise there is zero reason to move from another CRM.